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Environmental Test Chambers: How Environmental Testing Ensures Product Reliability

They are devices made specially to test the reaction of newly created products in diverse environmental conditions. Many types of industries need these test chambers in order to test their products before taking them to the market places.

These test chambers are deployed in a lot of industries such as the construction, engineering, automotive, packaging, food processing, pharmaceutical and medicals. Products like drugs, medical equipment, cars, cigarettes and a host of others need to be tested by producers. It is very necessary for the manufacturers to create products that are reliable, since this sustains the consumers in their market. They cannot afford the risk of claiming a product to be reliable, when in the actual sense it has not been tested. There are many types of environmental test chambers. Though, few of them can do many tasks while others are designed to perform a specific test.

Diverse Kinds of Environmental Chambers and Their Applications

There are two kinds of environment test chambers: One that tests climatic conditions and the other that measures mechanical variations. These test instruments are used by manufacturers in evaluating their products to be sure they will work in all conditions.

These test chambers are devices that are deploy in the evaluation of many products such as drugs, vaccines and other consumables to determine their expiry period, stability and other factors. The gadgets find many uses in research firms, agricultural companies and pharmaceutical organizations.

They are used to test the temperatures ranges and humidity variations, besides they can spot small defect in the item under evaluation. They are produced to have a two sided walled heated units, with the outside wall produced of Polypropylene material and the inner wall made using aluminum that is anodized.

The distance between the outside and inner wall in loaded with mineral wool that keeps the thermal heat constant. Small controllers that ensure the security of the test chambers are also included: display screen and programmable alarm, these controls check for any variations in temperature as well as other parameters. These instruments save much energy; they are reliable too, having made from compact construction that resists rust both internally and externally.

Environmental Chambers: Designed for Product Testing

These chambers can also be used for as a standalone test for environmental effects of test specimens. They do simulate environmental conditions for performing the testing of specimens.

Environmental test chambers </a> can replicate the conditions that components, devices, materials or machineries will be exposed to. These include some unexpected situation like extreme temperatures change, extreme temperature hotness, relative humidity or moisture, rain weathering or electro-dynamic vibration and others.

These gadgets comes in various sizes, they can be small which are made to be placed on bench tops or larger walk in chambers. Made with this variety of sizes, many control option are included in them too, ranging from simple analog indicators to digital readouts with LCD displays. They can be computer programmable and networked or web enabled test chambers.

The Triple-wide Chamber and Step-In Chamber

Nowadays, consumers are aware of the price per square foot of storage space, energy efficiency and how easy it can be installed. A lot of engineering firms have bought environmental chambers and these issues are necessary to review.

When the desire is to buy a small chamber, then a step-in chamber should be considered, one with a dimension of 8 inches by 9 inches in footprint, though, it is recommended that a large reach-in chamber be bought in lieu.

Considering the triple-reach in chamber, this kind of chamber, is of nominal size of 11 cubic feet and can provide a shelf storage area just like the step-in chamber, but to use the step-in chamber, it require field erection, which is having a site constructed, start-up site and testing will be required.

But the triple reach-in chamber is already factory assembled, factory tested and ferried to site. Since, reach-in chamber is already factory assembled, tested and shipped to the site, it mean it can be install faster, this mean just unload and mount at the final destination. Since, both options can save energy, but the ease of installation and price stand out the triple reach-in as the preferred for medium to small volume storage job.

Environmental Testing Ensures Product Reliability

Environmental testing assists to ensure product reliability. This is done to analyze the product reaction to both climatic and physical risks that may occur in the operational life of the item. This method of testing help to detect a good compliance, analyze and resolve any damage, then assure product durability and reliability too.

This testing method is done by hastening the aging process of the equipment so that the manufacturer can predict its lifecycle. This testing process will unveil the equipment ability to cope and operate under physical stresses, which include temperature changes, extreme climate as well as vibration and shock.

Types of Environmental Testing

The following types of tests are the most popular done when environmental testing is performed.

  • Vibrations Testing: This is done by applying great shock to the product in order to determine whether it can withstand such shock in real environment.
  • Humidity Testing: This test employs humidity and temperature chambers to test how both humidity and temperature will affect a specific product. The test is done by exposing the product to varying temperature and humidity cycles in the chambers.
  • Shock Testing: This test helps to determine the products strength against shock, bump. Impact and free fail. This test is primarily done to determine the ability of the item or its parts to withstand sudden variation in temperature or climatic condition. When the products are tested using these procedures, the manufacturers can further enhances the design to increase the product’s reliability.

Environmental testing should be performed to comply with accepted standards for national and international requirements or the customer requirements.



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